Help Fix CA-76!

"Traffic Is Only Going To Get Worse, We Must Take Action          NOW!" - Oceanside Councilman Christopher Rodriguez

"We Must Make Efforts To Improve Oceanside Traffic Conditions NOW!"

  • Politicians in San Diego are raiding road funds meant to fix and improve major roads leaving Oceanside to fend for ourself.              
  • The City of Oceanside lists CA-76 as a 6-lane Highway on its circulation element and CALTRAN (California Transportation) has ZERO funding to complete.                                                              
  • Traffic in Oceanside is only going to get worse as regional developments from all surrounding cities are underway.                          

Join Councilman Rodriguez and support his 4 step plan to Fixing The 76 and mitigating for future traffic impacts before its too late.

Support My 4 STEP Plan of Attack

Step 1 - Commission a study to identify improvements such as widening roadway, building overpasses and removal of stop lights along CA-76.

Step 2 - Obtain estimates on costs to improve.

Step 3 - Identify funding sources to include: SANDAG, CALTRAN, Camp Pendleton, Federal Assistance, Grant opportunities, additional transportation fees on developments.

Step 4 - Direction to move on a City Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to begin Requests for Proposals (RFP) to begin contracts on work completion.

Join United States Marine Combat Vet, Small Business Owner and Farmer Councilman Christopher Rodriguez as he takes on major issues facing Oceanside like Traffic, Homelessness, Housing Affordability and Public Safety.

Check out his website for more information:

I support your efforts to FIX CA-76, Keep me posted on Oceanside Issues.
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